The Law Office of Aparna Davé represents a broad spectrum of businesses and individual clients in the United States and some foreign countries. The Law Office’s success is linked to that of the clients. The following client references exemplify the Law Office of Aparna Davé’s personalized and professional services.

Some of the clients are U.S. based computer consulting firms that hire qualified software engineers and programmers. Processing applications for temporary work permits and permanent residency is a complicated and laborious process with special requirements for computer professionals and research specialists. Proper preparation and submission of appropriate documentation is very crucial in these cases.

Other clients include university professors, research scientists and students. They have several avenues for obtaining temporary work permits and permanent resident status. These cases are thoroughly prepared with strong supporting documents.

Clients are kept informed about the progress of their legal matters at various stages by copies of relevant documents and correspondence sent or received on their behalf. Information given by clients is held in confidence. Telephone calls are answered promptly.

For further information, send your query to Aparna Davé.